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I have held multiple positions that involved Social Media Management. I believe that Social Media is an extremely beneficial form of advertising and can reach a huge demographic. Here I have an example of an Influencer Marketing test run I performed while working with Pursuit in Banff AB. The purpose of this test was to gage the performance of how their following responded to Influencer Marketing prior to signing contracts with Influencers. My task was to give the public a first glance at a brand new hotel. Pursuit is a large company and because of this they have strict brand guidelines, I had to ensure that content was consistent across their most frequently used channels, Facebook and Instagram and that the content I curated stuck to their brand guidelines. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 5.51.12 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 5.51.25 PM.png
Sample Social Media Plan.png


This content calendar is a sample that I curated for TMMC while pitching a new social media plan to them. The goal of this social media plan was to educate co-op students about TMMC's co-op positions and advertise opprotunities to them. On this content calendar, Purple is Facebook, Dark Blue is LinkedIn, Orange is Instagram, Light Blue is Twitter and Yellow is U of Waterloo's important dates. This way we were able to clearly see what to post on what dates and which platforms we were planning on using. For the demographic of University students looking for co-op jobs, I suggested to rely heavily on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram as this demographic browses these cites often. 


I have over four years of experience using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Because of this I am able to curate logos as well as advertisements or posters that meet specific clients needs. I was contacted by a client to create a logo for their European style rental properties in Collingwood, Ontario. I was able to curate four options of logos for them, as well as create a specific aesthetic that sets the tone of their brand. 


In the Fall term of 2018 I enrolled in a class that was all about PowerPoint presentations and how to create a professional presentation. Our task was to create a TedTalk style speech that we were to present in front of our peers and guests. The goal of this class was to learn how to create a successful presentation and to understand that PowerPoint is merely a visual aid that adds to your verbal presentation. This video is of my final speech and discusses online dating in the 21st century. 



For the same client, I also created a website for their rental properties. I was given specific wants and needs from the client and was able to follow through and create their ideal website by the discussed deadline. This website is fully interactive and was the first time that there rental properties were brought to market. 

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