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The ability to plan ahead in order to meet deadlines, remain accountable, and follow through on commitments. 


During my time as Vice President of Communications for Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, I was given the task to manage multiple social media accounts and promoting sponsorships throughout the year. Daily posts about the organization and monthly promotional posts were crucial to the marketing and advertising of the organization as a whole. In this role, I also was responsible for educating the members of the sorority of important information regarding the branding and advertisement of our organization. I demonstrated the professional skill of Responsibility because I was able to plan ahead and manage my time in order to meet deadlines on time. Doing this ensured the success of the organization by recruiting new members and educating the University of Waterloo campus about Greek Life.

My Actions

To successfully meet my deadlines and post content on time I would make a plan at the beginning of every week. On Mondays I would make a to do list of the posts that would go out each day and look for curated content. This posting schedule ensured that I would meet the deadlines set in place and allowed me to be organized throughout the week. Having given the task of being sole person to both curate and run the social media accounts for my sorority was a large amount of responsibility. I was responsible for the how to public viewed our organization and it was extremely important to meet these deadlines and stay organized to ensure our success. Because of this, working ahead of schedule was extremely important. I was able to remain self-motivated and driven even when things went wrong. If I could not find adequate content to post, I was not afraid to reach out for help or a second opinion in order to learn and grow from my mistakes.I was also able to manage my time effectively to ensure that the quality of my work was not compromised.

When new promotional events coming in every few months, I was responsible for educating the women within the organization about them to ensure everyone was informed. In order to do this, I would create a meeting agenda and a powerpoint presentation to have these meetings run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. My PowerPoint presentations would include main topics that I would elaborate on in order for the attention to be on my words and have the presentation be only a visual aid opposed to a display of written information. Meetings were often run smoothly because I was able to plan ahead and follow through on my commitments. Organization was an extremely important factor in becoming responsible for meeting my deadlines. Being responsible for posting content as well as running meetings was a difficult task, however staying creating a task schedule allowed me to stay organized in order to achieve my goals.



Once I fell into the routine of creating a schedule to remain responsible for completing tasks and assignments, I was able to succeed in my position. The @uwaoii instagram account was able to gain over 300 followers in two months and also partner with a housing company in Waterloo to receive a sponsorship deal. Creating meeting agendas and visual aids for presentations allowed for efficient educational meetings that benefitted the entire team. By exercising my professional skill of responsibility, I was able to improve my organization skills, my accountability, and my ability to follow through on deadlines and commitments.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 6.07.45 PM.png

Figure 1.1: The instagram page I created for Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 6.07.57 PM.png

Figure 1.2: A sponsored post on the instagram page that includes both the company sponsoring the organization and the charity involved

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